Why Volunteer

Helping Hand

The Smile
By volunteering you join the movement of bringing smiles to our wonderful friends that truly need our help
The commitment of volunteering to bring education is the most joyful factor to an individual's life. By volunteering to become a member you are actively joining the movement for a better educated Armenia
By bringing hope to people, you bring life to people. By volunteering to our organization you continue to bring life and the helping hand our friends need to have brighter day.

Personal Connection

As Armenians and part of mother earth we feel the need to help the needy. As a volunteer you will the utmost opportunity to do what's right and to help the people that truly need it.
Beauty of life is the beauty of living it well, unfortunately some of us have trouble living our lives well. In order to bridge the gap of unfortunate life you can make a difference by joining our movement to bring life to its greatest values for our friends in need
Giving is the greatest meaning to life. When you give, you live. Join our movement give us your time to create a better life for others. Giving is the way of life.
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